Our range of services


  • Cargo loss or damage survey,
  • whatever the type of cargo and mode of transportation
  • (by sea, air, road, rail, river)
  • Risk assessment survey (warehouse and storage)
  • Ship Hull & Machinery survey
  • Supervision/overseeing survey (heavy lift and project cargoes)
  • pre shipment inspection (PSI)
  • Outturn survey
  • Quality and quantity survey
  • Warranty survey
  • Accident investigation survey
  • Loss control survey
  • General average survey
  • Organizing salvage sales
  • Coordinating and supervising surveys around the world.

    Response times
    We are committed to respecting the following time limits :
  • Maximum time before sending a preliminary report to our client : 24 hours after the survey.
  • Maximum time before sending a detailed survey report to our client : 1 month (*) after the survey.

    (*) In the event that we were unable to comply with this time limit, we offer a rebate of 5% for every additional month of delay.