Cargo damage surveys

Having performed thousands of surveys throughout the years, we have extensive experience in a wide range of cargo damages.

The cargo damage survey services of FMS provide you with a factual, independent report that will help you determine the condition of the damaged cargo and any possible cause of damage.

Quality control of fresh produce

We provide professional and reliable quality control inspection services of fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry.

Project cargo assistance

We can provide consulting services and assistance during lifting, handling, wedging, securing of project cargo.

Cargo theft investigations

Following the theft of goods, we can investigate on the circumstances of the theft, ascertain the means of securing the means of transport as well as those present on the site of the event, establish the detailed inventory of the remaining goods if any, and provide you with useful recommendations.

Salvage sales

We can organise the salvage sale of damaged goods in order to mitigate the loss.